Gotham is derived from one of Eilersen’s biggest successes, Baseline, which is extremely consistent and very popular. With the same resoluteness, Gotham has added round shapes, teddy bear stuffing, ruffles and a pair of strong details enabling it to follow Baseline into the sofa Hall-of-Fame.

    What is it that makes a sofa a success? “I think the secret is to be loyal to the themes that have taken hold in the market and letting the sofas speak a language of shape that people understand. Baseline is spelled out with a simplicity that is devoid of curlicues and frills. It is easy to understand. It is easy to implement in its own style. And it is classic.
    I have therefore relied on its foundation and the lines that Baseline represents, but I have aimed for a slightly more raw and rustic look with refi ned details that challenge the classic in a whole new balance.
    Paunch, leather ruffles and a high back with an angle The first thing that catches the eye is ruffles. Both the body, seats and cushions have a 12 mm wide ruffle that decoratively and seductively pulls the lines of the sofa up. “In the first prototypes I have chosen leather because it gives a raw contrast while appealing to
    multiple senses,” says Jens Juul Eilersen.

    Extra comfort is also in the upholstery. Gotham is padded all around with 600 grams of fi berfill, which is like a nice little paunch that gives the sofa a teddy bear look. Making it complete while reaching an uncompromising 100% balance, there is the Eilersen fabric collection which for the occasion is supplemented with new Italian fabrics that match Gotham’s strengths.

    Gotham is available with fabric or leather upholstery.
    For fabric upholstery: Standard delivery has fi xed-frame upholstery, and alternatively it is available with removable cover on the frame with a calico cover underneath.
    For leather upholstery: Standard delivery is with fi xed-frame upholstery. All cushion covers have zip-closing. Standard delivery has legs in brushed stainless steel, alternatively legs in hardwood, natural, oiled or stained in colours.

    The factory provides a 5 year guarantee to cover frame, springs and cushion
    For ordering details, please contact us on
    mail@spenceandlyda.com.au or 02 9212 6747
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