Yota design : An adventurous undertaking and a new French editor for design furniture conjugating re-editions of the fifties and new creations that will make the hit up to ...2050 and even further !
Xavier Bourdery and Joaquim da Costa founded Yota. The former, an architect, turned towards the office furniture industry and directed, during a decade, a prestigious French furniture editor. The latter became famous while directing one of the most famous upholstery manufacture and collaborated on prestigious works with the major contemporary designers and architects.
Both share a vast experience in design, furniture manufacturing and decorating, Animated by a contagious desire and the passion to build a company which will gather emblematic designers and the great signatures of tomorrow, they also share a unique vision based upon the optimization of manufacturing networks and the distribution of their products, a highly competitive range of prices, a true sense of rigor and excellence which lead them to work with the best sub-contractors of the major editors, and only in Europe.
Yota design is also a unique ability to personally answer the requirements of architects, decorators, hospitality and contract, favoring efficiency and quality meanwhile respecting the most drastic economic requirements and foreseeing the needs of the users to be.

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