Neeru Kumar

Neeru Kumar

For over 20 years designer Neeru Kumar has been instrumental in showcasing Indian textiles on a world scale. Stretching and reinventing age-old techniques and indigenous materials, Kumar creates textiles that possess the best elements of tradition and a resolute modernity that is irresistible. By respecting and understanding the weaving process, Neeru’s range are both lovely to look at and tactile to the touch; and by seeking out and supporting local artisans to undertake this creative journey they enhance rather than detract from the world they exist in.

Neeru’s reinterpretation of tradition is at its best in contemporary takes on Kantha, the running stitch embroidery traditionally used by women in rural Bengal and the patterns afforded from a simple jacquarde loom. These techniques are used on Tussah silk, the wild silk that is naturally a beautiful golden colour, natural wool and unbleached linen. Spence and Lyda collaborates with Neeru to produce their own line of bedspreads, throws and throw cushions in a wonderful combination of feather light linen and Tussah silk.

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