Everything you really need

‘Everything you really need' is a curated collection of products that we see as life essentials. 

Increasingly, as we come to understand the impact our choices are having on the planet as a whole, we seek solutions to the needs of everyday living that are both sustainable and aesthetically pleasing. There are others like us out there who have applied themselves to this idea, we bring some of those companies together in this collection. We have also gone back to the future and sourced products that were around before the invention of plastic, that work just as well and don’t pollute, deplete or end up in land fill. 

We have put together 3 categories of product that encompasses this tenant, in an effort to make it easy for you to find 'everything you really need' for a healthier and more sustainable life ... without the hassle.

1. Care for your clothes shoes. 
We spend significant amounts on the clothes and shoes we buy, they deserve to be treated with respect so they remain useful for longer and in better shape when we hand them on. To this end we have sourced clothes brushes, washing and shoe care  products that are kind to the things you own and to the planet. It can also save you money buy avoiding costly and detrimental trips to the dry cleaner. 

2. Care for your skin and hair.  
Our skin is our single largest organ, it is bombarded by pollutants and chemical attack every day. There are alternatives for all of the products we use that don’t cost the planet and don’t harm us. Some even heal us. From the creams we apply to the the brushes we use for exfoliation and hair care, this range is EYRN to look after your skin and hair from the washing process to treating cuts and abrasions or exfoliation. 

3. Housekeeping 
The process of cleaning our homes is not a joyful process, generally populated with plastic tools and a litany of damaging chemicals. It doesn’t have to be that way. We have found you alternatives to all of the common nasties, that will last way longer, are bio degrade when finally relinquished or simple work with the environment not against it, once it is washed down the sink. From refillable dishwashing brushes to no nasties toilet and floor cleaner our collection has everything you really need for housekeeping.

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  Everything you really need