CTO Lighting at Spence & Lyda

CTO Lighting is a British company operating at the most rarified level of the decorating spectrum. Their distinctive design aesthetic has developed over 20 years

and taps into a level of elite craftsmanship that can only result from longstanding relationships and a deep understanding of process and creativity. Combined

with the finest quality of materials – mouth-blown glass, hand-finished brass and artisan crafted stone – their design approach taps into contemporary notions

of luxury.

CTO Lighting is the outcome of Creative Directors, Chris and Claire Turner’s collective skills. Chris, an engineer by training worked for Arup enabling him to

hone his technical knowledge and love of meticulous detailing. Clare, who worked for a leading UK fashion brand, brought retail and marketing expertise to the


From the launch, in 1997, they saw the market was receptive to their designs, but what has evolved over time is their ability to meet the demands of premium

clients and those that want bespoke lighting solutions. Hence CTO Lighting has become a byword for modern luxury globally as they collaborate with interior

design studios such as David Collins Studio, Martin Brudnizki Design Studio and Philippe Starck. Commissioned custom solutions for lighting fixtures for

The Savoy Hotel, The Dorchester London, St Pancras Renaissance Hotel and Chiltern Firehouse illustrates something of their appeal at the highest end of


In order to continually grow the brand, and develop its aesthetic, Chris and Clare Turner have collaborated with award-winning international designers Autoban,

Michael Verheyden, Stéphane Parmentier and most recently French Canadian designers Larose Guyon,

Fiona Spence, Director of Spence and Lyda says, ‘It is a great privilege to introduce CTO Lighting to the Australian market as they set a new benchmark -

combining craft, a love of materials and a rich, expressive quality rarely found in lighting’.

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