Sit, lie down, enjoy – and play with Eilersen’s patented free movable back support sofa.
    Playground is created to satisfy the need for combining sofa and bed. Our idea with Playground is to offer a multi- purpose piece of furniture that is both flexible and mobile.
    Playground meets these requirements. The back sections weigh almost nothing so adults and children can easily move them.
    The cone-formed, free movable back supports have a none slip material on the underside, so they don’t slide, no matter where you use them. Placed as back support you then have
    the perfect sofa where you sit comfortably in all positions and on all seats. Place it as an arm support and you have a comfortable chaise lounge. Place it on the floor and you can make a ’nest’ where you can enjoy watching TV or reading.
    Solid-wood frame with Nozag-spring seat-base, covered with polyurethane foam in a 600g pre-compressed, fibre-fill wrap. The free movable backs consists of 100% foam. Back cushion filling is 100% down and small duck feathers sewn into a ribbed, feather proof cambric casing. To retain the feather cushion’s appearance and shape, regular
    fluffing-up and airing are recommended. Playground is available with fabric or leather upholstery.
    Standard delivery has removable cover on the frame with a calico cover underneath.
    Standard delivery has hidden wooden legs in black lacquer. Alternatively with legs of brushed stainless steel. All cushion covers have zip-closing.
    All overall dimensions correspond to frame sizes.

    The factory provides a 5 year guarantee to cover frame, springs and cushion filing
    For ordering details, please contact us on
    mail@spenceandlyda.com.au or 02 9212 6747
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