PINCH launches furniture range at Spence & Lyda There is something quintessentially British about furniture and lighting brand PINCH that sets it quietly, but distinctly, apart from the pack. Led by husband and wife partnership, Russell Pinch and Oona Bannon, they have a personal ambition to make furniture and lighting to live with – forever - with the products they produce intended to stand the test of time. To this end their design process is all about beauty and simplicity aligned with well crafted and carefully considered detailing. The studio places great emphasis on the quality of their materials and the skilled craftspeople used in the creation of their refined and thoughtful designs. But while all these attributes point to the traditional and worthy the designs are clever, contemporary and present a certain British idiosyncracity. Materiality is explored, and forms are developed while keeping a strict eye on both the function and the feel they deliver. ‘We design each piece to work alongside what already exists in the collection – we add a banana fibre pendant light to a poised three- legged walnut table, to create a series of interesting shapes that sit well together. We want to make inviting living spaces that suggest a simplicity but also offer rich materiality and layered dimensionality’, says Oona Bannon. Bringing the brand to Australia, Fiona Spence, Director of Spence & Lyda acknowledges, ‘Our attachment to beautiful wood work is part of why we were so taken with PINCH but their design aesthetic is equally appealing, flirting more openly with a more traditional interior. We see this relationship as that of a partnership: holding hands with people creating the brand, rather than just the product. This is what we do best and as such take a different approach to other retailers’. Of the pairing of PINCH furniture designs with Martyn Thompson Studio fabrics she says, ‘I do see it as more than the sum of the parts. There is a transformative quality that occurs through their shared appreciation of materiality, tactility and a touch of the unexpected that creates a certain magic’.
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