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Dancing Light Hand Crafted Architectural Lighting Series
From amidst the rapidly evolving hard arts hub of Melbourne's Abbotsford Convent, multi-faceted ceramicist, musician and architect Colin Hopkins has released a fully hand thrown architectural lighting range - Dancing Light - introducing large scale dimensions, hand etched surfaces and a 'singing' translucency rarely seen in ceramic lighting. Each one-off luminaire in this range celebrates the unique marks of the making process at every level - the pressure of the fingers into the pliable spinning clay, the deft application of tools carving into the surface to further shape and refine. High firing allows finished pieces to emerge with either the signature translucency or deep tones of oxide rich glazes that highlight the hand textured forms.
This is a wholly Australian product with all materials and supplier partnerships being sourced locally. An emphasis on sustainability has kept waste and environmental impact to a minimum and the recycling of materials plays a major role in production.

Description: Ceramic pendant lamp and lamp holder cup with selected bamboo suspension plate. Supplied with all lamp holder and wiring components ready to be installed by licensed electrical contractor.

Material: Porcelain/Stoneware

Available in Porcelain Finish.

Dimensions(mm): 110D x 320H

Note that due to the hand made nature of this product, dimensions indicated may vary up to +/- 5% from those listed. Please check tolerances prior to ordering. Units must be installed by a licensed electrical contractor.

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