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BY Missoni Home

MissoniHome showcases Rosita Missoni’s  pattern expertise with their stylistic interpretation of anemone flowers, bringing the magic of a garden atmosphere indoors. The rich and playful ornamentation of the flowers is balanced by the limited colour palette, an ordered while informal piece, that is thoughtfully finished by the irregular edges cut around the shapes of the flowers. The weight and dynamic contrasting nature of the pattern bring a sculpted texture to the piece that is complemented by the plush feel of the densely hand knotted pile. The company has long held loyalty to the quality afforded by merino wool due to its strength and resilience, which is supplemented by the density of the yarn produced by the hand- knotted technique, which gives the rug it’s most luxuriously textured feel.

Dimensions: 150 Ø

Composition :  100% Wool 

available in two colourways  #159 and #170 

Please enquire for ordering details.

02 92126747
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