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K3 by Kenzo Takada

K3 by Kenzo Takada

K-3 by Kenzo Takada


K-3 is a new luxury home and lifestyle brand founded by world renowned Japanese designer Kenzo Takada.

K-3 is a colourful ode to life; the French at heart Japanese designer has conceptualised an extensive, yet meticulously curated collection featuring the best of home accessories. This vision has been inspired by Eastern and Western aesthetics with a modern twist. Therefore, as part of the brand’s visual identity, most pieces bear a kintsugi mark, a tribute to the Japanese savoir-faire. The Japanese designer expertly weaves together the organic and geometric forms and patterns.

Within this collection, Kenzo Takada has fashioned together three underlying these: Sakura, Maiko and Shogun.

Featuring a myriad of vivid colours and bold patterns, Kenzo Takada’s designs are reflective of his joyful creative universe.

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