An update for our Sydney community and more broadly.


We are beyond thrilled to announce the re-opening of our Danks Street Showroom from Monday 11th October 2021.

Regulations do require all of us to COVID safe check in at the door, have our double vaccination passports to hand and to wear a face mask at all times.

 Our showroom is clean, spacious and brimming with beautiful things and we so look forward to welcoming you back!

As always though, we're here to support you however you prefer to shop - and all our teams continue to be available and ready to help online and via phone, email or by appointment as well.

Off line and online, let's stay connected and here for one another.

Fiona and team x


Important Information

How to contact us
Email your enquiry to 
Or call us on 02 9212 6747

You have an existing Order
We are COVID safe and set up to facilitate contactless deliveries at the moment.
For more details about your order, please contact your sales consultant, who will assist you with any updates on the arrival and delivery of goods.

You would like to place an order
We are still able to help you remotely with the placing of new orders.
Your design consultant will be able to give you an update on the estimated lead time based on your specific items.

You would like to click and collect.
Our Dank St Showroom is still offering click and collect services during our standard 9am-5pm Mon-Fri Trading Hours.



Current shipping, lead-time and delivery updates:

The global effects of COVID-19 have resulted in schedule delays across shipping and airfreight industries which has resulted in an impact on the listed lead times of many of our products, the majority of which are shipped to us from Europe.

On average, we are experiencing a 4-6 week delay on product lead-times from Europe (including delays in Europe and AU/NZ).

Your sales representative will give you an overview of the delays likely to be incurred when you order but as the situation is fluid, please know that all advice will be our best educated estimate. This is an industry wide challenge and we’re in this together. We will do all we can at every opportunity, to deliver for our community but please know some factors will be outside our sphere of control.

For up-to-date information on shipping delays, please refer to the information outlined below:

Delays from Europe

Europe is suffering from container shortages and vessel schedules at full capacity
Delays from China also affect arrival of parts, delaying total production times for some manufacturers.
We are currently seeing on average 3-4 week delays from Europe.
Note - the European Summer holidays having just ended, Europeans are playing catchup with up to 4 weeks to standard lead times depending on individual brands.

Delays in Australia & New Zealand
Greater imports into Australia and New Zealand have resulted in congestion in local ports. This has resulted in:

1. Vessels skipping ports altogether e.g. A vessel skips Sydney, lands into Melbourne, and delays result in the product having to be freighted back to Sydney.
2. Clearance times for containers has increased from an average of 7 days to 10-14 days.

Unions stopping work at different ports has also placed greater pressure during operating hours and schedules.

We are currently seeing on average 3-week delay after a vessel lands into a local port.

Delays in Airfreight

Airfreight has already been impacted from flight reduction, but further reduction in passenger arrivals announced recently effect 
1. Time for airfreight to arrive
2. Cost to airfreight – recent quotes have doubled in price.


Internal Domestic Carrier Delays

Our domestic carriers, Australia Post and TNT Carriers are also affected by healthy and safety restriction and issues to their logistics resulting. Please refer to tracking details on your purchase invoice for all third party carrier updates.

If you are concerned about the lead-time of your order or have any questions, please contact us and as always, we will do what we can to help.