Karpeta was founded with the goal of uniting the past to the present, choosing to weave a traditional craftsmanship with the modernity of a contemporary aesthetic and keeping alive the ancient techniques of hand-knotted carpets. The use of the highest quality natural fibres and precious handmade techniques, narrate a new rite for living.

With values aligned to our own, Karpeta envision a future where tradition and knowledge play a strategic role in offering new possibilities. The desire to experiment and renew ancient weaving techniques pushes them forward to seek a new balance between the expected and unexpected.

The result is a uniquely contemporary response to materiality and striking collection of timeless pieces of exceptional style, substance and soul.


Inspired by the ancient game of chess, the lines of Checkers Rug represent the protagonists and antagonists at play - and the chess board surface, a field of action symbolic of our existence.

Referencing abstract drawings of stylised female bodies, Le Ragazze’s soft shapes morph into painted backgrounds of sand-black and gold. A distinctly 40s quintessence on trend in the now, and timeless in its appeal.

Acapo is inspired by the aesthetic of exotic architectonic landscapes. The air is sandy and colors are warm; different textures and textiles techniques match to create a tidal, regular design that emphasizes the handmade.


A capsule collection of exquisite Karpeta rugs are available at Spence & Lyda now. Enquire in-Showroom or call to speak to one of our consultants today.