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Save our skin's?restorative ?go to? balm for dry or angry skin is derived from a formula developed by Galen, Greek Dr to the Gladiators. Hand made with xtra virgin olive oil, beeswax ,calendula + honey. treat your lips + around eyes. use as a supa rich face night balm, massage into?? hands + dry feet, burns, scrapes and treat eczema naturally.

Ingredients Info
Your skin is your body?s largest organ what you put on it effects you in good + bad ways. All our ingredients have been hand selected + host multiple benefits for you + your skin.
Xtra Virgin Olive Oil: Has been used for centuries as a magical beauty multitasker that holds in moisture without clogging pores and is packed full of polyphenol antioxidants that improves skin texture and tone and helps reverse damage caused by sun and pollution exposure.
Beezwax: Made by busy bees + from the nectar of flowers. beeswax is a hydrating +protective ingredient that increases the skins overall moisture level + helps heal chaps + cracks.
Calendula: Calendula is a popular garden flower. It?s petals have been used for centuries 4 their great healing + softening action, also has gentle astringent properties beneficial 4 damaged skin.
Organic Honey: Organic honey has a hydroscopic nature, which means that it draws moisture from air to prevent the skin from drying out. this is very useful 2 prevent the skin from scarring by keeping it moist + aid with the growth of new tissue. perfect 4 wounds, burns + skin conditions like eczema. honey also has an antibiotic action + can be used 2 treat infection + pimples.

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