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Missoni Home's conclusive collection of upholstery perpetuate the iconic Milanese fashion labels colour, pattern and tactile expertise. Each luxurious piece is as textually opulent as it is wondrous, with the pattern and colour combinations perfectly complemented by the chosen tactile expression and fabric weight. This conclusive approach to each piece produces textiles which are a visual feast.  Missoni Home’s design process permeates each collection, letting every piece speak of the mastery and luxury afforded by design expertise. The dramatic colour exploration, promised in every collection, is complemented by the considered way that they can reinvigorate and reinvent colour combinations, in a ways that remain so contemporarily relevant, a homage to both their past experience and enduring place the brand holds as a design master.

This stunning intricate weave has highlights of metallic yarn shimmering through it in soft undulating colours. Tbilisi is available in 1 colour-way, and is suitable for cushions, light upholstery and wall panelling.

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Brand Missoni Home


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