WAVE Candle

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Morning at the beach house. Sun, sparkle, and pure salt air. Drifting fragrance of flowers and seagrass. A moment of fresh squeezed pleasure.

APOTHIA's illuminating cream candles are developed from a unique combination of premium paraffin and soy, blended with intense fragrance into a creamy luxurious balm of solid perfume, rub it into your skin! Named Interior Fragrance of the Year, APOTHIA's award-winning candles take the senses into visions of life at its best.
Design Features:
The Silver Bead creates interest, sparks conversation and reminds you when to trim the wick!
Patented Halo allows you to move a burning hot candle without feeling the heat! It won?t slip out of your fingers, and emits a gorgeous effect.

60 Hour Burn Time
Creamy Soy Paraffin Blend
Wave Notes:
Fresh white grapefruit, mandarin, yuzu with hints of driftwood and seagrass.

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