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BY Missoni Home


Wismar is part of the Alps story: A mimetic and magical world of jacquard weaves

The mimetic charm of a forest is expressed in scenographic fabrics. Furnishings are transformed with soft, textural variegated camouflages, the density is musky and tactile, mimicking a woodland floor with its soft barks and velvety lichens. Birch forests in spicy Autumn tones alongside the solid contrast of a winter landscape. Innovative reversible tartans and nuanced embroideries add to this tactile collection. With a palette inspired by the magnificence of nature.

Wismar is a fabulous yarn dyed honeycomb jacquard that features a Tartan weave, Wismas is also available as it's reverse stripe, offering a mix and match opportunity. Highly textured to play back to the wintery story that is Alps! Perfect with Waterloo of Coomba 62 and 86 as well as Rabat 72.   

Dimensions: Ø 40x30

Please enquire for ordering details.

02 92126747
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