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Woodstock is part of Missoni Home’s Striped Mosaic story: A geometric patchwork of textures.

This is a linear story that plays with the sharp geometry or organic hand drawn striations on velvet and silky surfaces. Lines intersect in interlocking-mosaics, between contrasts of black there is colour. In this collection of patterns the elements stand out, the velvet has a three-dimensional feel and the tiled jacquards reflect light or a polychrome geometry of lines adds a remarkable game of perspective to a decorative rug. And make no mistake, colour is an exciting friend to all.

Woodstock is a mesmerizing hand-drawn striated cross hatch patch pattern creates a 3D check effect enhanced by the light playing on the print of this short pile velvet weave. Perfect with the mimicking stripes of Rafah 23 for a dark and moody feel or Wailua Unito 62 or the gorgeous inky tones of Wailua Unito 74, Woodstock can be paired with the Watt throw.

Dimensions: 60x60cm

Made In Italy

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